The "U jezírka" Wine Cellar in Vrbice

Located in one of the Břeclav region villages, Vrbice, U Jezírka is not your typical brick wine cellar of the region.

A seven-storey wine palace hand-dug into sand stone and stunningly located at the top of a hill, near the St Giles’ church, U Jezírka is actually two traditional wine cellars, the largest in the Vrbice area, whose walls are covered with a noble black Tokay mold, which is plesant and soft to touch.

Our wine cellar can host private events of 5-20 people in its small wine room, and events of 30-50 in the larger wine room. Refreshement can be agreed on over the phone according to client’s wishes. Great for company events, tastings, trainings, friendly get-togethers, birthday celebrations, or important anniversaries, we are happy to cater to your express wishes.

Phone consultation is recommended, and accomodation is available on request.